Backlink Building and Linkwheels on Steroids For SEO Mastery

He who has the most back-links wins. Jasa backlink are the lifeblood of getting on the first page of the organic search result pages of ALL the major search engines, especially Google. But from my experience not ALL back-links are created equal… You need “authority” sites pointing to your main money site. Web 2.0 sites seem to have a greater ability to get indexed by the search engines and search engines seem to value links from web 2.0 sites pointing back to your site more than other non web 2.0 other words Web 2.0 sites seem to hold more “authority” and give you more “link juice” and organic SEO benefit for your targeted keywords

So, using Web 2.0 sites to create a “linkwheel” will significantly help in boosting your sites rank in the major search engines for your target key words. So What the heck is a “linkwheel” anyway?… A linkwheel is basically a hub and spoke configuration of pointing authority driven Web 2.0 sites with unique content to your money site.

Every Web 2.0 link wheel that I develop or outsource is done so with 100% unique content. I do not spin, scrape or try to manipulate the content posted to my link wheels. I recommend that you follow the same concepts to get the best results for yourself. Building linkwheels can be very tedious and time consuming but they are a great way if you have a lot of time and little money to get a significant boost in your website traffic. But if you have some money and a little time I recommend only ONE source for someone else to create linkwheels for you. Yes I believe and trust in outsourcing my linkwheels to be built by professionals. These guys I know are awesome and really know SEO and the value of authority backlinks from Web 2.0 sites

If you are going to outsource your Linkwheel building campaign you must make sure the company is reputable and creates unique linkwheels with original and unique content… Every linkwheel I get created for me is made especially for me! This means I own all rights (login information) and use of the should demand the same. I never use any software to build my link wheels, all my link wheel development is done manually and maintained to absolute perfection.

Here is partial list of some of the Web 2.0 properties that is a must for you to create quality linkwheels and what you should demand from any company you outsource this to. So now, why should YOU get a Web 2.0 link wheel developed?

Well, first it works for me and has been the single best strategically planned backlinking technique I have ever used to date…I have been able to rank really well for extremely highly competitive keywords employing quality linkwheels…

Not all Linkwheels are created equal and not all companies who create linkwheels for you are created equal and I have tried them a link wheel, you will gain authority from within the major search engines if they are built right. Chances are you will gain a significant PR boost, Traffic, and SERP ranking by using a link wheel as part of a balanced link building do NOT just get a linkwheel built by anyone or by any fly-by-night company who happens to charge the least amount of money…There needs to be a specific plan and unique structure to building the linkwheel…

Like I said I either just build them myself or let ONLY one company that I recommend build them for me…

So what Should You get and demand if you get a LinkWheel built for you?

Start by demanding unique and fresh content.

Demand fresh articles and content, and ask them to add pictures and video to each of your posts.

Ask them to do Videos for you. Every LinkWheel you outsource order should comes with unique video creation. Demand they will upload your video to , and then have them post the post to your web 2.0 properties.

Give them keywords and have them use them as anchor text inside of the articles across the link wheel.

Have them randomly interlingk all the web properties, and do a link building campaign to your link wheel so that each article gets indexed properly.

Have them submit your Web 2.0 Properties RSS feeds to a variety of RSS feed submission sites and then ping them to at least 100 ping services.

Again you can build these Linkwheels yourelf but it is well worth the money to have quality linkwheels built for you

To read and learn more about LinkWheels and how it can help your backlinking strategy and organic search results go here: